Published Works

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Festival of Crime Cover

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Pillsbury Cover

“Cooking with Pillsbury.” Tonka Times. Nov./Dec. 2013: 28.

Edina Writer Cover

“An Edina Crime Writer Asks, What If?” Tonka Times. Oct. 2013: 28, 29.  Interview with Colin T. Nelson.

Racing Cover

“58 Years of Racing on Dirt.” Tonka Times. June 2013: 32.

Spinning Cover

“Still Spinning `Round.” Tonka Times. May 2013: 32.

Cemetery Cover

“The School That Rose From A Graveyard.” Tonka Times. Oct. 2012: 40.

Hinckley Cover

“Hinckley Fire Hero.” Tonka Times. Sept. 2012: 40.

Divers Cover

“Carp Games.” Tonka Times. May 2012: 10.

Skating Cover

“A City on Skates.” Tonka Times. Jan. 2012: 40.

Murmurs Front Cover

“Daddy’s Little Girl.” Murmers of the Past: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose. Robbinsdale, MN: Guild Press. 1988: 30.