Works in Progress



Cat Lee Williams is the working pseudonym for suspense writers C. N. Buchholz and William J. Anderson. This pair of underground Minnesota writers meets at undisclosed locations and times to exchange story material, generate ideas, and discuss fame and misfortune.

Working concurrently on a series of suspense novels, Cat Lee Williams plans to inundate the market with their fast-paced, Minnesota-based stories of murder and mayhem. Stand back or sit tight. Either way, you’ll be swept away with the high intensity of these newcomers that will keep you reaching for their next top shelf thriller.


Q: How does the writing process work for the two of you?

C. N.: I mow my lawn then write. Bill mows his lawn then writes. And then it snows.

Bill: . . . manic and psychotic episodes that result in a train wreck.

Q: What does each one of you do well?

C. N.: Tune my guitar. Sing karaoke. Belly dance in my living room. Anything but write.

Bill: Cathy does the crazy person sh*t. I, for the first time in my life, am the one rooted in reality.

Q: Who are your characters? Where do they come from?

C. N.: I try to get a feel for the fictional killers. I try to delve into their twisted minds and untangle the deep-rooted reasons for their actions. What happened to them as children? I believe these characters suffered childhood tragedies or abuse and choose to strike back at society, perpetuating violence as their victim mentality strives to correct itself by becoming a victimizer mentality. Writing from these dangerous perspectives is the portion of story writing that appeals to me. Go figure.

Bill: I hear voices.

Q: What is it like working with a writing partner?

C. N.: Working with Bill is like running alongside him with scissors. I find my antagonists stepping up the pace, trying to kill faster than his protagonists can think.

Bill: Working with Cathy is like being a fan of Game of Thrones. I never know which character she’s going to bump off next.